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An mp3 rotation featuring many different kinds of music - mostly Asian.


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♪ Last updated on October 12th, 2008 (Rotation #15) ♪

Kiseki (Japanese for miracle) is a multi-genre (e.g. I post whatever I'm currently obsessing over) mp3 rotation created and maintained by me, vamparia. I primarily post Asian music, such as Jpop and Kpop, but I have a very eclectic music taste, so I also put up some different stuff, as well. See the interests. :P

☆ I would really appreciate a comment if you download!
☆ The songs posted here are for sampling puposes only. Delete them rom your computer within 24 hours.
☆ Support the artists~ If you like them, buy ther albums. Or even the songs on iTunes.
☆ Do not repost my links as your own - please re-direct your friends to join this community.
☆ No fighting. If you've got a beef with someone, please take it elsewhere.
☆ Any files that you download are your responsibility. You download at your own risk.
☆ Have fun!

Requests are open. Limited to three requests per day, but you can request again after I've vulfilled it. Comment on the newest entry in this community to make a request. Here is my playlist~


Asian Birthdays

Interested in becoming an affiliate? Send a message to me, vamparia.

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